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Final Cities Skylines Add-on with Hotels and Recreation Coming May 23rd

Paradox Interactive has shared details on the latest expansion for Cities: Skylines. The Hotels & Retreats addon will be released on May 23rd along with new radio stations and content packs. The authors showed a trailer with a visual demonstration of future new products.

The main feature of the add-on are hotels, vacation spots and tourist attractions. You will have to start with a small chain of hotels, but later players will get to specialized buildings. All this will help improve the economic potential of cities.

The head of Colossal Order also talked about what the release of the final update means for developers. Cities: Skylines 2 is set to release this year, so the studio is gearing up for a new chapter in the franchise. General support for the first part will last until the end of the year.

Buyers of the add-on will receive the following content packs:

  • Industrial Evolution - 70 new buildings covering various eras of industrial development: from red brick to modern industrial complexes;
  • Railroads of Japan - authentic Japanese railroad landscapes including stations, trains, buses and more;
  • Brooklyn & Queens - Inspired by the Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods of New York City, a set of over 60 buildings, including mid-rise residential development and many decorations.

In addition, two new radio stations will appear in the game. Piano Tunes will play elegant piano compositions, while 90's Pop Radio will give access to 20th century classics.

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