How to activate key on Rockstar Games Launcher?

1. Go to Rockstar Games Website. 

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Rockstar Games website -

2. Log in to your account. Click on Profile icon in the top right corner of website. then click "Sign in" and enter your credentials.

Rockstar Games - Log in -

3. Go to Activation Page. Click on your avatar in the top right corner of website. then click "Game Activation". Click "Use Rockstar Code" next to the game you want to activate.

Rockstar Games - Game activation -
Rockstar Games - Use Rockstar Code -

4. Enter your key. Enter your key and click "Activate".

Rockstar Games - Activate Key -

 5. Confirm your product on the next page by clicking purple "Confirm" button.

Rockstar Games - Confirm -

6. That is it. Now you have the game in your Rockstar Games account's library.