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Only 20% Steam users use Windows 11

Valve shared the results of the June survey of Steam users, talking about the most popular operating systems and "iron" of the players.

So, the vast majority of Steam users - over 71% - use Windows 10. The share of this OS is gradually falling, and at the same time, the percentage of Windows 11 is slowly growing, but now it is only a little more than 21%.

More than half of the users who took part in the survey have 16 GB of RAM, although the number of those with up to 12 GB of RAM has recently increased. A little less than a third of gamers have 4, and another third have 6 processor cores.

Approximately 24% of users have a PC with 8 GB of video memory, and slightly less than those with 6 GB or 4 GB. In general, the share of those with this indicator is 12 GB or up to 3 GB is growing. At the same time, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 remains the most popular video card.

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