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Former CD Projekt Red employees are preparing an online action game about Japan

Jakub Ben, a former CD Projekt RED employee, opened a new Dark Passenger studio back in May, where both veterans and young professionals are already working. Studio staff worked on The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, as well as creating animations, cinematics, characters and worlds for indie and AAA games.

The team is working on their first independent project, which is still in the early stages of production, while the studio is actively looking for new specialists. At the same time, the authors say that they are creating a dark world full of secrets, unusual characters and intense conflicts unfolding in the Land of Cherry Blossoms - Japan (more precisely, in feudal Japan).

The game will be a multiplayer first-person action game with PvP and PvE, and created on Unreal Engine 5. The developers want to create a project with an emphasis on both cooperative action and rivalry between players. And each session should be unique (also due to procedural generation) and amazing. That is, the goal for all players will be the same, but the ways to achieve it will be different.

The developers promise to implement amazing features, such as running on arrows launched by other players, as well as quickly climbing up vertical surfaces with Shuko's Claws, or using a yari spear to jump over obstacles.

In addition, it is planned to implement a large number of traditional Japanese weapons and advanced features for customizing heroes.

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