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You can buy WWE 2K22 at

This is a good day for all our clients which are wrestling fans. From now on you can buy WWE 2K22 – new version of wrestling game from 2K. 

WWE 2K22 available at

Comparing to the previous game of serie, WWE 2K22 has greater rating on Metacritic as much as twice. This a great chance to join a big family of WWE games fans.

WWE 2K22 is the best work released by the team since taking over. The visuals are a sight to behold, and the combat is fluid and fun. The simplification of combat and modes makes it much more accessible to everyone without having to come up with a bunch of alternate moves and reverse ways to do things that you see on TV. MyGM will always keep players busy and Showcase Mode is the best version to date. MyRISE is a good add-on with tons of variations to keep things fresh, but ends up being boring. MyFACTION, while it sounds good on paper, is just NBA 2K's MyTEAM filled with microtransactions. If you're one of those players who pick up a WWE game every couple of years, 2K22 is the one for you.

WWE 2K22 available at

In our store, WWE 2K22 price is only 51.99$, what makes WWE 2K22 8$ cheaper than in Steam. You can buy WWE 2K22 from our store - here

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