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Sonic Frontiers may release on November 8th

Sonic's new adventures in the upcoming Sonic Frontiers should begin towards the end of this year, but thanks to the Steam database, a possible release date of November 8 has become known.

It's Tuesday and the date looks plausible in general, but it can never be ruled out that it's just a placeholder and Sonic Frontiers will release on a different day. In any case, we need to wait for the announcement from SEGA and the developers of the game.

In Sonic Frontiers, we are waiting for an open world - more precisely, an open zone - and a variety of tests. And Sonic himself will have his own skills to be discovered. For example, it will be possible to increase its speed.

And here is the gameplay of the game, published in June. Also, we want to remind that game director of project declared that 20-30 hours will be needed to finish.

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