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Rich Content and Difficulty: Bungie Talks About Destiny 2 Support This Year

Bungie has shared their plans to support Destiny 2 this year. The developers set themselves four goals: to give space to the imagination of the players, to bring complexity back to Destiny, to make the content richer, and to strengthen the bonds between Guardians. And in achieving these goals in 2023, the following will help:

  • simplification of the character development system: in the season of "Resistance" there will be less different types of currency and improvements available from merchants;
  • after "Resistance" the season of "Depth" will begin, in which there will be no system for improving merchants (there will not be one in the next season);
  • more new, original quests awaiting players in the coming seasons, such as the Shattered World from the Vanishing season and the battlefields from The Chosen One;
  • Guardian ranks are coming to End of the World, and character customization is getting a reimagining with the addition of a gear save mechanic
  • this year, the weapons manufacturing mechanic is expected to be upgraded: there will be separate ways to obtain both manufactured and non-manufactured weapons - while the number of the former will begin to be reduced;
  • With the release of End of the World, the cooldown times of a number of abilities will be slightly increased; in addition, the developers will adjust the damage resistance that durability gives, and increase the requirements for energy consumption;
  • The difficulty of the game will continue to be adjusted with a setting that determines how much players can out-level their opponents. The developers promise not to twist it to the limit, but they want to make the enemies more dangerous;
  • at the same time, there will be even more experiments with power level settings;
  • Resistance will return with the Countdown mode with its own variation of Countdown: Rush with the respawn of players;
  • in the season of "Depth" there will be an "Active Zone";
  • Season 22 introduces the new Vex Network map.
  • in the last season before the release of "Final Form", "Citadel" will be returned.
  • the developers want to go through the already released maps and tweak the resurrection mechanics to adjust the dynamics of different modes;
    algorithms will continue to be refined to improve the quality of the
  • connection and achieve balance in the lobby;
  • the improvement of metasystems to support interest in PvP will also continue;
  • Starting with Season 22, the game will have a rotation of exotic tasks;
  • With the release of World's End, several quests from the Operation Vanguard playlist will be updated to include improvements to the Lake of Shadows and Arms Dealer strikes, a reduction in the frequency of occurrences of strikes that have not been updated for a long time, and the introduction of Seasons 16 and 19 Battlegrounds ;
  • with the release of the "End of the World" accolades and ranks of the Guardians will appear;
  • the updated raid will open in the summer, and the fireteam search system has been moved to the final season of the year.

Recall that the release of the add-on "End of the World" (Lightfall) will take place on February 28.

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