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Insider announced EA want to introduce Skate 4, FIFA and NFS in July

According to Tom Henderson, EA intends to announce the new Need for Speed, FIFA 23 and Skate 4 games this July. Henderson does not have exact dates, but according to his statements, Need for Speed ​​and FIFA 23 will be presented in the second half of the month. The insider is also confident that EA will not be organizing a big presentation for their new projects.

The publisher has previously stated that there are no plans to host EA Play this year. The company intends to present games "when they are ready." Henderson also cited the title Need for Speed: Unbound in his article, which may be the final version of the title. But the insider is not 100% sure of this. He also confirms rumors that the new NFS will combine elements of realistic graphics with anime, which Jeff Grubb previously announced. According to Henderson, he also heard about these details. The insider also cites the cartoon The Boondocks as an example, the style of which is reminiscent of the new Need for Speed ​​game.

The latest game in the FIFA series will include women's leagues, and EA will try to give the future project a more "unified name". According to some rumors, FIFA 23 should become free-to-play, but Tom Henderson refutes this information, stating that the project will become a full-fledged premium game.

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