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Hogwarts Legacy 40 minute gameplay video with interior of Hogwarts and character editor

Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, showed off tons of new gameplay during the Hogwarts Legacy presentation, including character creation, combat, user interface, and more.

So far, this is the most in-depth look at an open-world Harry Potter game where the user can take on the role of a fifth-year student. The demo shows how detailed the interiors of Hogwarts are, starting with Hufflepuff's living room and traveling through other parts of the castle.

The demo included fresh details on various quests, collectibles, and other aspects that should be familiar to fans of open-world games and role-playing games. One of the main ideas of the game is that the main character lags behind other students, so he has to complete various mini-quests to catch up with his fellow students. These quests are listed in the Wizard's Handbook, which also tracks all items related to battles, collections, and rooms on demand.

Meanwhile, the lectures will become additional side quests that will give players the opportunity to improve their spells and learn more about the various teachers.

A character editor was also demonstrated, where you can choose a variety of hairstyles, including dreadlocks, add freckles, and more. The main character wears a Victorian bow tie, waistcoat and cloak. The developers have confirmed that the appearance can be changed simply by visiting the barbershop in Hogsmeade.

Unfortunately, there will be no such elements as Quidditch, spitting stones and magic chess. Although the developers confirmed that they tried to add them to the story.

The show ended with a brief preview of a match where a player fought a dummy in a dueling club in a clock tower. The developers also hinted at the exterior of Hogwarts, promising that players will be able to visit every area they can see.

Warner Bros. previously featured relatively little of Hogwarts Legacy's gameplay, focusing on story elements such as the game's inclusion of Irreversible Charms.

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