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GTA 6 leak: characters, announcement and release date

A possible GTA 6 leak has surfaced online with a lot of information including characters, expected announcement and release dates, and more.

  • Title: Grand Theft Auto VI.
  • Scheduled announcement: Q3 2022.
  • Planned release: Q4 2024 on current generation consoles.
  • Characters: Ricarodo (husband), Casey (husband), Rose (wife).
  • Story length: approximately 4500 minutes.
  • Time setting: 2023.
  • Map: 'Liberty' State, 'Carcer' City, 'Vice' City, 'Cottonmouth' (Prologue: South America).
  • Story campaign map size: 140 square miles.
  • Developer: Rockstar Games.
  • Publisher: Take-Two Interactive.
  • Engine: RAGE.
  • Start of development: 2014.
  • Budget: $500 million (+ $100 million marketing budget)
  • Estimated sales volume (24 hours): $1 billion.

In the document, you can read more detailed information about the plot (many spoilers), main characters, secondary characters, in-game activities, wanted system, gameplay features, advanced tactical system, vehicles, soundtrack and GTA Online.


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