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Dead Island 2 release trailer shows bloodthirsty zombie killings

The authors of Dead Island 2, the cruelty of which was noted by journalists, shared a fresh shooter trailer. The video is timed to coincide with the imminent release of the project, which will take place on April 21 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Previously, the developers have published system requirements and technical features.

The main highlight of the video was the bloodthirsty killings of zombies. At the end, the degree of cruelty heats up to the limit, and the character begins to beat enemies with his bare hands. There were also plot scenes with the participation of the protagonist's assistants.

One of the main features was the F.L.E.S.H. (flesh), which is responsible for the damage and dismemberment inflicted on enemies. Depending on where the weapon hits, the damage will also vary. But the most interesting thing depends on the type of weapon. For example, when struck with a wrench in the chest, the internal organs of the living dead are exposed. The same thing happens if you rip open the enemy's stomach with a katana. Ignite deals damage only in the place where the fire hit.

Previously, the developers showed the first 11 minutes of the gameplay of the shooter. There are more and more unofficial videos. For example, 30 minutes of passing for Jacob got into the network. Before that, a list of achievements was also published.

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