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Journalists talked about building and PvP in Minecraft Legends preview

The journalists shared their impressions of Minecraft Legends, which comes out April 18 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The game is an action game with elements of strategy in which the hero has to repel a dangerous threat to the cubic world.

The author of GamesRadar noted that Minecraft veterans will immediately find familiar elements: the toolbar, the vast world, collecting resources and summoning companions. Attention was also drawn to a large number of different mechanics.

As for the plot, it is like a children's fairy tale. The inhabitants of the "upper world" lived in kindness and harmony, so they were not ready for the invasion of the "Piglins". The player will become the one who will inspire everyone to fight the enemy. According to the design director, the story is partly related to the original source.

Separately, they talked about PvP, which combines construction, capturing flags, base defense and strategy. You have to fight not only with players, but also with monsters, on the outposts of which there are useful resources.

The IGN journalist did not dare to call the game a real-time strategy. The developers have focused on the console, so the players are waiting for a free camera. You will have to manage the army not by clicking on the area, but with the help of music.

The author could not quickly get used to the controls and was disappointed that the number of orders is limited. Often, you just have to send units into battle and revive them at the base. By the way, they will not make daring attacks on it while the player is exploring the open world. According to the developers, this is done to preserve the spirit of adventure of the original Minecraft.

The game will be supported in the future. After the release, Lost Legends tasks will be added, which are completed as separate mini-games. For their passage, players will be rewarded with skins.

Eurogamer showed the possibilities for collecting resources and building. As always, the orders of the army are given through music. You can select a specific type of materials and the size of the area to be searched. Resources will automatically go into the hero's inventory, and you can spend them on construction.

It was noted that the depth of these mechanics from the original Minecraft is not worth waiting for. It is not possible to go down into the mines, and the construction itself is made as a secondary element. Crafting is also rarely used.

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