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Half-Life 2 will receive Episode 3 as a fan mode

Half-Life fans have long dreamed of seeing a full-fledged continuation of the series. The former screenwriter helped to improve the situation by sharing some details of the plot for Half-Life 2: Episode 3. The fan modification Episode 3: The Return, which will be released on April 10, is partly based on it.

As the author promises, the mod has an exciting gameplay with a lot of combat skirmishes in arctic locations. Some lighting effects have also been updated. Alas, the pleasure will last 20-30 minutes, after which the short story will be completed.

Things are much better with story campaigns in Half-Life: Alyx, which can be played without VR until the beginning of the seventh chapter. A major Levitation mod was released for her, as well as a short but atmospheric Re-Education adventure.

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