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Two-week boss fight and other cut content from Metal Gear Solid

DidYouKnowGaming YouTube channel published a video about the cut content of the Metal Gear Solid series, which was voiced by Snake's "voice" himself - David Hayter.

As part of the video, viewers are told about the various ideas of Hideo Kojima and his team, which never made it to the final versions of the games in the series. Some of the concepts turned out to be very large-scale, while others represent only small changes to individual scenes and gameplay elements.

For example, for Metal Gear Solid 3, Kojima envisioned a sniper boss fight that would take two whole weeks of real time to complete. Then the developer was fond of books by Stephen Hunter about snipers and wanted to convey an authentic feeling of a duel between two fighters.

The player had to use the environment to hide and look for clues to locate the enemy in a huge area. The concept got to the prototype stage, but as part of the test, no one could even spot the boss. Therefore, the team convinced Kojima, asking him to give up such an idea.

Other ideas include:

  • The ability to move freely and aim in the final stage of the battle with the Boss from the same MGS 3;
  • The concept of a multiplayer mode where players would use stealth;
  • Artificial intelligence in MGS 2, which reads the behavior, interests, gender and age of the player, and then applies information against him throughout the entire passage;
  • In one of the sections of MGS 2, Snake would have to spill blood into the water to distract the local sharks, and the shark itself could even become part of the boss fight;
  • For MGS 4, they wanted to create a simulation of a world where trees would grow over time (and some of them would die);
  • Kojima did not intend to make Raiden the main character of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, planning to initially take on the role of the central character Gray Fox.

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