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Trailers of most important games on Gamescom 2022

The gamescom 2022 Opening Ceremony has just wrapped up - over the course of about two hours we were shown many different trailers, including Lies of P, Hogwarts Legacy, The Callisto Protocol, The Outlast Trials, Goat Simulator 3, New Tales from the Borderlands and Dead Island 2!

The show kicked off with a trailer for Everywhere, a fantasy open-world game from the studio of former Rockstar producer Leslie Benzies. The game will be released in 2023.

A trailer for Funcom's Dune game, Dune: Awakening, is an open-world multiplayer survival game.

Sony has released a trailer for the Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller.

And here is the gameplay trailer for the horror The Callisto Protocol, which is being developed by the creator of Dead Space. With stealth, monsters, shooting and dismemberment. The game comes out December 2nd.

A little more fantasy with the undead, fallen gods, grim cruelty and battles - the trailer for The Lords of the Fallen has been published.

The long-awaited trailer for Hogwarts Legacy has been released! The game will be released on February 10, 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, and later on Switch.

The full announcement of New Tales from the Borderlands, which will be released on October 21, has taken place.

Techland has unveiled a "gladiator" add-on for Dying Light 2. Bloody Ties will be released on October 13th.

A new trailer for the Marauders shooter about space pirates has been published - the early access of the game will begin in October.

Sega has released a fresh Sonic Frontiers gameplay trailer, confirming that the new adventures of the blue hedgehog (this time in the open world) will begin on November 8th.

Presented the debut trailer of the marine survival game Under the Waves, which is published by Quantic Dream.

Quest Return to Monkey Island will be released on September 19 on Switch and PC - the game received a fresh trailer.

The creators of Subnautica have unveiled their new game, the sci-fi tactics Moonbreaker! They worked on it together with writer Brandon Sanderson. The game will enter Early Access on September 29th.

A fresh trailer for the dark role-playing action Lies of P, based on the story of Pinocchio, has been published. The video showed the main character and characters, enemies, atmospheric locations and battles! The game will be released in 2023.

The trailer for Stranded: Alien Dawn has been released - the game will be released in early access this October.

Focus Entertainment and Deck 13 Studio presented the fantasy role-playing action Atlas Fallen. The game will be released on PS5, Xbox Series and PC in 2023.

A new trailer for the space real-time strategy Homeworld 3, which will be released in the first half of 2023, has been published.

The show showed a gameplay trailer for the game by the creator of Rick and Morty called High on Life - with talking weapons, numerous curses and all sorts of follies. The game will release on December 13th.

Telltale has revealed the first gameplay of an early version of its new Expanse (or "Space") game called The Expanse: A Telltale Series. The game will be released in the summer of 2023

The trailer for the game based on "Killer Clowns from Outer Space" was presented.

Published a trailer for the fantastic Scars Above, which will be released sometime soon.

Announced role-playing game Wyrdsong, on which the developers of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Skyrim, The Outer Worlds and more.

In the fresh trailer for Gotham Knights, they showed the villains and confirmed that Harley Quinn will appear in the game. Charming as always! The release of the game will take place on October 21st.

Atmospheric trailer with battles and a demonstration of the world and beauty of Where Winds Meet, which will show a fantasy world reminiscent of medieval China.

Bandai Namco has brought the trailer of Park Beyond's most amazing amusement park management simulator. The game will be released in 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

At gamescom, they brought some Warhammer - more precisely, the trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

And the Focus publishing house presented another trailer - this time the BLACKTAIL games.

And here is the trailer for The Outlast Trials, a cooperative horror game that will be closed for testing from October 28 to November 1.

The show ended with the long-awaited trailer for the long-suffering Dead Island 2, which will be released on February 3 on both generations of PlayStation, Xbox and PC. The zombie action game will have six playable characters.

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