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The Sims 4 Life Path Expansion Releases March 16th

EA has announced another addition to the cult life simulator The Sims 4. It is called Growing Together or "Life Path" and is dedicated to family and friendships, as well as self-knowledge.

Players will be given the opportunity to tell their Sim's unique story through a series of important decisions and achievements. Now their character traits will be able to change over the course of life, because they are influenced by both self-knowledge and others: relationships, preferences, the situation in the family.

Supplement according to tradition will open a new territory. This time it's San Sequoia, a former fishing village and now a large city with a quiet suburb and a vibrant center. We are waiting for a meeting with its inhabitants, including the influential Robles family.

Players who purchase the Life Path expansion by April 27 will receive a Playground digital pack of swings, a slide and a baby carrier as a bonus. The addon was priced at $40, it is impossible to buy it from Russia.

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